The Storm ”SVEN” is expected to reach The Swedish West coast around 1700hrs 5-Dec. All ports will from  Uddevalla to Ystad will be effected and no loading or discharge can be  expected. The Oeresunds Bridge between Copenhagen and Malmoe , will be closed as from 1800 hrs and the train traffic as well. No  trains will operate in Copenhagen / Malmoe area as from 1800 , later all train traffic in Scania will be closed down until 1200 hrs 6-Dec. The Ferry traffic from Helsingborg, Malmoe, Trelleborg and Ystad will be suspended until further notice SMHI ( Swedish Meterological and Hydrological Institute) has issued a class 2 warning (Dangerous to the public) valid as from Thursday 5-Dec , Wind 25-29 m/ Second as from 1800 hrs. The Public is advice to stay indoors.


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