New EU rules on cargo from third country airports apply from July


New EU rules on cargo from third country airports apply from July

European Union regulations, requiring all air cargo or mail handled by carriers operating from third country airports (ACC3s) must be physically screened by EU-approved aviation security starting July 1.

Failing that, such mail and cargo must come from a secure supply chain that is EU aviation security validated.

Only air carriers that comply with this programme will be allowed to carry cargo or mail into the EU and verification must be undertaken by an independent validator, certified by an EU regulator.

Individual ACC3 designation is required for every non-EU airport from which an air carrier imports goods to the EU, according to the UAE’s Arabian Supply Chain.

”In 2010, two improvised explosive devices were shipped as air cargo, which triggered the higher levels of security for all EU bound cargo and mail,” said a spokesman for Rapiscan Systems, which provides air cargo screening systems.

Since February 2012, regulations have required carriers of air cargo and mail entering the EU from non-EU airports to ensure security standards are met prior to loading.

This is moving one step further from next month as further requirements set down in EU regulations apply to individual air carriers.

”If you fly cargo or mail into the EU from non EU airports you must comply to continue doing business and cargo has to be screened with equipment that meets EU requirements,” said Rapiscan.

The EU regulations provide two different ACC3 designation options for air carriers and their business partners. For air carriers, on-site verification at each non-EU airport is required before designation is given for that specific airport.

Air carriers that operate multiple cargo or mail operations and have a security quality assurance programme that is equivalent to EU aviation security validation, may request onsite validations at a representative sample of airports.


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